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If there’s one thing synonymous with the world of motor racing, it’s TAG Heuer watches. It’s the default wristwear among racing enthusiasts thanks to its long-time association with the world’s winning circuit drivers.

One of the most identifiable and iconic TAG Heuer watches is the Monaco. The chronograph was introduced in the 1960s with a statement square case and royal blue dial. It’s got two chronograph buttons on the right and black leather straps. It was the first to feature an automatic movement. The most famous sighting of the Monaco was on Steve McQueen’s wrist in the 1970 film Le Mans. Aptly, he played a race car driver. This pairing was a result of TAG Heuer’s partnership with Jo Siffert, winner of the 1968 British Grand Prix circuit. As part of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 deal, Siffert was tasked with selling TAG Heuer watches, specifically the TAG Heuer Carrera, Autavia and Monaco, to his fellow motor racers. Since Siffert was a stunt driver in Le Mans, he quickly swooned McQueen into adding this wristwear into his wardrobe.

Another classic timepiece coming from the Swiss luxury watchmaker is the TAG Heuer Formula 1. This is the ultimate in strong and sturdy sports watches. There’s a couple top-notch elements to point out. It’s water-resistant to 200m. It’s scratch-resistant. The luminescent hands and markers make it easy to read in any extreme condition. When strapped on, it feels resilient, reliable and strong. The TAG Heuer Formula 1 has been worn by Formula 1 champions including Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Alfonso Fernando. This is truly a watch for winners, making it one of the most desired TAG Heuer watches for men.

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer is a watch praised by champions of the aquatics world. This timepiece was born out of a partnership between TAG Heuer and Oracle Team USA during the 24th America’s Cup. The TAG Heuer Aquaracer series is marked by several characteristics found in a professional diver’s watch. It’s got an automatic chronograph movement with an accuracy of 1/8th of a second. There’s a helium escape valve to ease up on pressure. The light-up hands make it readable in dark waters, while large studs are accessible with diving gloves. A unidirectional bezel is crucial for tracking safety underwater. And obviously, it’s water-resistant to 500m. The Aquaracer is one of the best TAG Heuer watches for men with active lifestyles.

Whether wearers opt for a new or used TAG Heuer, they are guaranteed reliability, style and ultimate bragging rights.

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